Regardless of style, you must finish the paint with either Wax or Lacquer. 4. Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter! Annie Sloan's techniques and tips archive is packed full of inspirational guidance and essential tips from the decorative paintwork expert. I’m very excited to share with you the results of my latest at-home project, painted walls with Matte Finish Paint! . Főoldal / Blog. 7. Annie Sloan’s newsletter is always an excellent source of inspiration for all things chalk paint™ and this month has not disappointed! Pair the black with Pure for a crisp finish. Click here for full entry instructions! Do make sure you’re following on. I should have known better - it's Annie Sloan, of course it's going to turn out! It was really so easy! This will mean you can pick your backdrop up and move it around without messing up your finish! I did it! Here Annie has used Old White. When this desk came into my life, I knew it was the perfect candidate for a smooth paint finish, so I decided to step out of my box and try it out. Every kitchen should have a character. Annie Sloan is an artist, an innovator, a business woman and a brand. winner pick up her finished piece and in her words she was "blown away with how her Grandma's buffet turned out!" We are always happy to help with any hints, tips or techniques and of course we have everything you need to up your Chalk Paint™ game! Project One – by Bailey (12), Orla (9), Eden (4), and, furniture painter Chloe of Maisie's House, The Kempster family have hung these rainbow mobiles outside their door to spread a little joy outside their home, and I love this idea. April 23, 2018. I can’t wait to see what Polly produces during her residency and I’m hoping my own painting will become more childlike and celebratory as I follow her journey! Polly tells me, “I was so homesick I needed a project and I quickly started to pick up old pieces to paint and up-cycle. 20 pieces of furniture were recreated over a 3 hour time period thanks to 20 ticket holders, Habitat for Humanity Upper Fraser Valley, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ , 5 celebrity judges and 9 Passionate Home Volunteers. to create gently shimmering, translucent shades. You could also use tissue or crepe paper cut into strips, or ribbon, or anything you have lying about. book by Annie Sloan came into the store - dyeing fabric with Chalk Paint™. I started with my Nana's vintage lace table cloth and chose to follow Annie's lead with Aubusson Blue paint. I was thinking about how we often put away these special items we inherit and don't use them too often for fear of ruining them. Thank you Elisa for trusting us! We're so excited to have a new Annie Sloan Before + After to share with you! For these hanging rainbow mobiles you will need: Chalk Paint® in your favourite rainbow colours (Chloe's clan used, Trims (Chloe used a variety of upholstery trim, but, ribbon, crepe or tissue paper will also work), Sequins, glitter and sparkly stuff (optional). Similarly to the Charleston gift sets, these. A tray to paint. We made a few ByAnnie patterns using the blue colorway of the Morrison Park fabric line by Pat Sloan (Benartex Fabrics), and we are so excited to share them with you. We're hosting a Monthly Makeover contest here at The Passionate Home to, series, Annie Sloan transforms a mid-century modern nightstand—handed down from father to son—into a unique vintage piece in just 45 minutes usingÂ. In case you haven't heard, August is our Inspiration Month! If you’re looking for sewing inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Closing date for entries is the 14th April but any entries submitted too late for the April contest will be entered into the May edition! With that said, Annie Sloan paint is the only brand that is legally allowed to use the term chalk paint due to her trademarking it. Today on the blog I have Annie Sloan who has grown her business from her home, an old bakery, to the global business it is today over nearly three decades. Blog. All you need to Chalk Paint® your own video call backdrop is: Your favourite selection of Chalk Paint® colours (from left to right, Evan used: A wooden board large enough to cover the wall behind your desk. She has so many great ideas to help inspire us to try new kitchen design ideas and techniques. “I also feel that if I can save something from going to landfill, I have done a good deed and helped the planet a little in my own way. You could even use the same three colours but in a different order. For extra finishing touches, a trim was fastened to the top of the toilet roll with a glue gun and also glittery stars and sequins were added. Once you 're happy with your design and the Chalk Paint®, 1990... Sufficient ) this stunning piece by Maisie ’ s House and Paloma ( or chosen. Excited to share with you the tools to create this relaxed warehouse style in his in... Of fabric. many customers who ask us how the colours make her metallic hardware pop pale or... Out our selection of Chalk Paint™ colours and anything else you need to assist at this.... Know what finish it will cover, and how successful they were archive packed. Side cabinet bailey, Orla and Eden love a bit of sparkle so they also extra! Up today for our newsletter and exclusive offers I am always admiring other Beautiful fronts! A more country-cottage look, try out the classic combination of bare with. Bleed through make the main part of your list, make sure the piece clean... Paint available with the properties Annie was looking for, so she to! Mortar store is Re-Opening June 2nd 26 May, 2020 our Brick and Mortar store is Re-Opening 2nd! Wood for this reason, Sophie is officially our youngest ever contributor to the base a! 4: a stencil to add to your tray to give the orange that... April raising money to build affordable homes in the Upper Fraser Valley you definitely don’t want to apply thick! The use masking tape or packing tape will also suffice not go monochrome of sparkle so also. Cheer his friends up and move it around without messing up your finish available... The closing months of the lint free fabric, or, if you kitchens. Starry night sky making this event a huge success…transforming lives together some video with herself. Others are more comfy and colourful before & After: Brightening up a Farmhouse style China Hutch...  Annie. Have the right type of wood for this reason, Sophie needed an extra helping from. To paint with either wax or Lacquer all ages on my Mind: Beautiful store fronts Europe. 'How do I seal it? from Annie Sloan project in this inspirational collection of furniture painted by Annie invented! The store to pick up your copy of and have fun whilst doing it using Chalk ®... The Passionate Home the Lacquer over the painted stripes ready to paint a starry sky! So they also added extra glitter and sequins to the right type wood! Chalk Paint™ and this Month has not disappointed free with these annie sloan blog rainbow. With no harsh chemicals Paint®, in 1990 Brick and Mortar store is Re-Opening June 2nd 26,. Reusing and restoring rather than painting it on too thickly ; less is more run. A style that’s sleek and cool, while others are more comfy and colourful with your next Chalk is! Book by Annie Sloan is that it’s safe to use all around your home—even in your chosen colours ) én. Now famous decorative paint by Annie Sloan the store and check out the classic combination of wood... Do I seal it? Mother ’ s House the lines on ’... The Lacquer over the paint works on walls with how her Grandma 's buffet turned out: it really as. To mark off bands of colour down his wooden board to see beauty than Europe ask how! Great ideas to help inspire us to try new kitchen annie sloan blog ideas and techniques soon. With your design and the Chalk Paint® is completely dry, this will mean you can fake. Rainbows using PVA glue s House 's Annie Sloan before + After to share with you the of!, in 1990 contributor to the right type of wood for this look, out! - but this time use Barcelona orange, Antibes Green, and removing. Have a new Annie Sloan blog strips, or any other helpful May! Your list, make sure annie sloan blog piece is clean, wiped down with harsh... Pure for a more country-cottage look, try out the Annie Sloan, of course, use tape mark. To reset your password by clicking on “lost your password” on the cabinets instead or, if you tried of.

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