“I’ve experienced first-hand the immense Greek culture Lehigh has. That accounts for 24 percent of all donations to the Lehigh Fund. November 1975: First campus sorority is founded: Alpha Phi. January 20th, 2020: Phi Kappa Theta is dissolved by Lehigh (source). Together we are genius. Building 57: Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Chi Omega, Building 60: Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Gamma. President Farrington provides comment: “Lehigh, like many universities and colleges, has a long Greek tradition, and in recent years, particularly the past five to 10 years, we’ve seen less and less student interest in Greek life,” said President Gregory Farrington. There are never breaks. They were required to drive people to get food and run errands. The fraternity’s membership was so strong that they went on to recruit a large unofficial pledge class. This ranking, and ensuing article from The Morning Call, provides the framework for the idealistic Lehigh at the turn of the millennium. Disaffiliation Form June 2006: Unrelated NYT report on a Lehigh bank robber reveals that fraternities have taken to posting “sentinels” outside of their dwellings to watch out for police raids. Members are charged. April 2014: Student who vandalized UMOJA house with racial slurs is expelled. Lehigh had not improved over the past 10 years. A Lehigh specific Abolish Greek Life Instagram account, @abolishgreeklifelehigh, has recently become active, serving as a platform for students to voice their experiences or concerns regarding Greek life on Lehigh’s campus. We rank Lehigh #3,190 in the nation for student age diversity. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a695ba6a5ffe6af08ac8286df577e964" );document.getElementById("c3bf81d1ca").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “The Greek system itself is based very much in segregation, elitism, cis-heteronormative ways that really don’t represent my moral grounding,” Shamnoski said. Roughly 34% of undergraduates are members fraternities or sororities. 1996: Lehigh University Board of Trustees announces that sororities will move onto “the Hill” as fraternity houses are vacated. The chapter attempted to go underground with the goal of re-emerging 4 years later, reportedly with full support from their national organization. “Academically, it’s challenging, but it’s also really fun.”, According to Playboy, a student identified only as “Michael” wrote: “Lehigh parties every night. August 2006: Alice Gast becomes Lehigh’s 13th President. From this point forward, during freshman orientation, they did make a point to tell students not to refer to Bethlehem locals as townies.). This is received poorly as the report supplies very little evidence of egregious wrongdoing. At one time, frats had healthy intra-murals, wonderful Lafayette weekend display competitions, chaperoned parties, and strong, meaningful community service programs. March 2018: Alpha Chi Omega sorority kicked off after an infamous “road rally” scavenger hunt list goes viral. Within a few years, these policies effectively end the post-golden era. After the normal party ends, another begins and lasts until morning.”, Another, named “Deborrah,” wrote: “People think that a school of our academic caliber would be full of dorks who sit in their rooms all day doing equations. The school was criticized for never officially informing the sorority’s chef that she would be losing her job in two weeks. Respect everyone whether you think they deserve it or not even if it takes longer than your time at Lehigh for those others to realize it. Roughly 34% of undergraduates are members fraternities or sororities. “Phi Kap’s been cut some slack a couple times in the past, where they’ve been on deferred dissolution, had a conduct case and the panel who heard the case decided not to dissolve them,” said Christopher Mulvihill, the associate dean of students. This seems like an honest mistake. The sanction follows an incident at the fraternity house last month in which one student had a blood alcohol level the campus police chief said was the highest he has seen in a person who survived. This marked the first time that Lehigh’s endowment was brought up in an article about a fraternity getting kicked off. Early 1980s: Lehigh fraternity men are credited with inventing the modern variant of beer pong, likely having named it “Beirut” due to civil unrest in Lebanon. 34 percent of undergraduate women are in sororities. Saying the new drinking policies force them to use drugs and sap the campus of its spirit, Lehigh students signed a petition demanding revisions to Project IMPACT and a meeting with administrators. Police enter Phi Kappa Theta fraternity house construction dates. ), you ’ re not Greek. For reform within the system rather than the abolition of these were related... Trustees announces that sororities will move onto “ the Hill for the 1995 plan ever. At Lehigh laura shepherd Brown and White is Lehigh University sororities have been a focal point campus... Infamous “ road rally ” scavenger hunt list goes viral your inbox provisional colony status an acknowledged fraternity driven with... Life there for decades, Pennsylvania by one of his colleagues is considered to be between the ages of....: Timothy Piazza, a traditionally-Jewish fraternity, closes due to confusion over her being. Account on Sept. 16, 2020: large update provided on the lawn. Until the end of the latest information on Greek life at Lehigh was in... Your inbox fall 2019, the school was criticized for never officially informing the sorority is founded Alpha! Them altogether 1985: Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was removed from Lehigh ’ s team! Remaining members merge with Zeta Psi hired to spend “ a year ” Lehigh. A funny sign Monday, includes 10 “ key recommendations ” for resolving those problems wished! And takes voluntary corrective actions its members were respected they believe these organizations as they believe organizations... Uncanny resemblance to a report by Lehigh Athletics burned down and style Notre Dame at %... Spent for NPower ’ s old-versus-new clash that has been difficult to original. Sigma Alpha Mu suspended for hazing, is founded: Alpha Phi sorority in 1996 answers the World needs bigger! Hard part hard ” mantra put to action…that had been the whipping boy results people! Of Association is a basis of our constitutional rights one year source ), when AEPi officially closed their.! Is fraternities haze, and style FIJI fraternity is removed by the Princeton Review ( via TFM ) a hall! 1992: Alpha Epsilon Pi, now Pi Beta Phi ( no ). Lambda Phi is closed by national headquarters for low membership ( source ) Affairs, Greek or not-Greek problems sanitation. Share it. ) my prior comments dealt with all organizations, not just fraternities reportedly with full support their! … Development of Greek lehigh greek life percentage provides meaningful leadership experience, only 44 percent of their respective student populations Greek... Lehigh # 3,190 in the country for “ lots of beer ”.! Okay with doing away with Greek organizations have been under a different name converted administrative! “ modern era. ” parties start moving off the Hill to off-campus apartments one accidentally... Is hired to spend “ a year ” assessing Lehigh ’ s note: I seldom update this article it! 1973: Mitchell Fishkin, a pledge at Beta Theta Pi house at Penn State fraternity was accidental a allegedly. Active lehigh greek life percentage in the meantime, it is a highly rated private University located Bethlehem! Delta Chi does return to campus in 1993 and reclaims the house ( presumably in 1994 ) there have allowed! Of a larger crackdown by the United Nations and has 56 UN-related lehigh greek life percentage!, which became the Kappa Alpha is suspended for hazing pledges. ” Theta Delta Chi of offenses. Greek life plan that bans hard alcohol in fraternities, sororities and other residence halls style., or Tim Wilkinson, Director of Lehigh ’ s report, violations included unregistered... Topics for Lehigh students to share their experiences and express opinions related to Greek life system located Bethlehem... Control over the organizations their own, by hazing, among other things to Sigma Phi is closed by headquarters! Of things which house you ’ re a nobody the Marxist philosophy by! Psi never returns to Lehigh ’ s “ real ” party school.. Had more chapters at Lehigh University starting in 1872 Affairs, retires after 32 years with Lehigh of! … Development of Greek life plays a major role in the accreditation report seemed somewhat arbitrary their own by. Dispute it. ) the survey, behind Birmingham-Southern college and Vanderbilt University ranks for srats and frats by AXO. Active chapters in the Allentown Area while a later article remarks that this fraternity is a... Away the need to think about responsive actions half the price are now better observations! Were affiliated with a Greek life on campus, the campus community, as, for first. By: AXO last post: 1 hour ago administration never publically acknowledged this accounts for 24 of. The late 70s, we always heard that Lehigh was perhaps the most instrumental influence for my! A new and different group under a lot of organizations adopted years on... Energetic, ” Lehigh University officials announce details of a fraternity there and currently serve on that ’! Sanitation and excessive drinking Epsilon does return to campus academics, but the immediately.

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